Americas Top Venues: Grand Ole Opry

by Spicey on July 17, 2014

in Entertainment

Back in the days when radio was hot like 50 years ago there was an idea amongst some hot musicians and marketers to setup a broadcast of country music.

Fast forward to 2014  Nashville, Tennessee and here we have The Grand Ole Opry in all its historical glory.

Now a weekly country music concert and producing and showcasing the most talented country singers, performers and top artists, The GRAND OLE OPRY latest schedule features only the finest talent in America.

Now its not just country music at the Opry but the popularity has caught on and now folk, blues, stand up comedy shows gospel artist the lot.

A lot of countrys biggest names both new and old have frequented this venue artist of the ilk of Reba McEntire, Dixie Chicks, Dave Matthews Band, Dierks Bentley, Carrie Underwood and the list continues.

What Is the Longest Running Radio show in the World In America?

The Grand Ole Opry radio show first broadcast on WSM (Nashville) in 1925 and founded by then station manager George Dewey.

George Dewey - Opry founder

Nowadays, even artists that don’t fit into the real country category like Rascal Flatts have been admitted into the Opry Hall Of Fame much to peoples amazement.

How Do you Become a Member of the Grand Ole Opry?

Its simply down to a management decision. Your names down and your coming in, yippee!!

Basic but essential variables like ticket sales, LP’s, top ten hits album sales, fan appeal, recommendations for other regular artists all play a part in helping one perform at the Opry.

Its a two way door.
Popular artists create a demand for music and appear at the Opry, new upcoming artist are the lifeblood of this venue and continuously regenerate the older talent.

What is a radio station, hotel, tours, museum and spa?

Yes I know I did not believe it either until I read it on Wikipedia, The Grand Ole Opry really does have it all.




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